Client - Todenham Manor Farm
Brief - Work with and evolve our existing branding and packaging to bring it up-to date, appealing to new customers and current customers alike. It was also important to give consideration to how the new brand would be applied to a farmshop and website.
Outcome - We couldn't be more happy with the outcome. The new logo has an ageless appearance and evolved the old branding in such a way that consumers wouldn't be confused. 
We commissioned some artwork to feature on each pack, created by local artist Brian Britton it captures the farm, it's inhabitants and history. The three different meats sold by Todenham have unique sleeves which contain a different area of a much larger linocut. The full linocut is then used across other communications, from the website to inside the farmshop.
We were also asked to assist in creating a new website for the farm, butchery and shop which ensured that everything was kept completely on brand. We were involved at every stage from capturing the photography to writing the copy. It's rare to be so heavily involved with a project like this, but it was an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Todenham Manor Farm.
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