We're a small but incredibly passionate packaging design agency, based in the Cotswolds - founded by a designer with many years experience working with clients big and small. Having had the opportunity to work alongside some of the worlds largest companies, we realised that we had a passion for the smaller clients - companies either just starting out or with a real niche and passion for what they produce and sell.
As a team, our skill sets allow us to help with everything from brand creation and packaging design to general brand support and generation of photo realistic product renders. We're also able to offer web design services, everything from simple one pagers to fully functioning eCommerce sites.
We tend to focus on food and drink businesses - this is born out of a love for food and drink. Everything from small batch gins and cold-pressed juices through to farmers producing the very best piece of meat. 
However, the goal is simple. We just want to work with people who love what they do.
If you would like to meet to discuss the possibility of a project or see some more of our work we'd love you to get in touch.
One final thing... 
We don't do free pitches. It's just not good business for you or us. We couldn't possibly give the project the time and attention it deserves without first covering our costs. However if you're just starting out and you'd like to discuss the opportunity of a part payment and part equity project let us know!​​​​​​​